Friday, 13 October 2017

ACCIDENTALLY GINGER! L'Oreal Paris & Colour B4 Disaster

Hi Everyone, 
Brief outline of this issue, I accidentally went ginger. As someone with an allergy to PPD's, I've always struggled to dye my hair. Since filming this video I've found a hair salon with PPD free hair dye, I've had a skin test and I'm waiting to see If I have a reaction or not... BUT HOPEFULLY I'll be able to dye my hair in the next few weeks.

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Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Secret Scent Box Review & Scent of the Month!

Secret scent box were kind enough to send me their monthly subscription box! The concept is that you receive three different designer scents each month, inspiring you to buy new perfumes as you have tried it before you buy the full size product! 

I thought I'd start this blog post by telling you about my favourite scent at the minute 'Olypea' by Paco Rabanne. I wasn't intending on purchasing a perfume, I went into Superdrug, tested the perfume and couldn't not purchase it! It's one of those perfumes that I noticed multiple people commenting on how nice I smelt, it is such a warm scent that smells delicious. 

DKNY women
'A fragrance embodies the urban energy of New York City. A tantalising freshness that is both intoxicating and invigorating.' Top notes: blood orange, tomato leaf and vodka. Middle notes: Daffodil, orchid, water lily. Base notes: birch, tulip

My verdict: A very clean fresh scent, which is perfect for a work environment - if you're looking to impress someone special, maybe not the one, but a clean scent all the same.

DIOR J'adore in Joy
'A brand new fragrance launched in Spring 2017, it is announced as the scent of joy. love for life and instant fun. A daring floral scent.' Top notes: Fleur de sel Middle notes: Neroli, Jasmine, Tuberose, Ylang-ylang Base notes: Peach

My verdict: I'm a fan of Dior perfumes, specifically miss dior. This is an amazing summer scent that I would definitely purchase the full size of, to me I really notice the neroli and jasmine, but it isn't too floral to be off putting.

DAVIDOFF Cool Water Wave
'An exciting, fresh, clean scent. A truly summertime fragrance. A blend of lily of the valley, watermelon and sandalwood.' Top notes: Watermelon, Mango, Guava, Passionfruit. Middle notes: Pink pepper, Freesia, Peony. Base Notes: Amber. Sandalwood, Iris, Musk.

My verdict: For me, the description of this scent is pretty spot on, it's fruity with a 'muskyness' to it. My boyfriend has the davidoff cool water men's, and it smells like a feminine version of that.

I love having testers of perfumes to throw in my bag, and think a subscription to try out new scents is such an amazing idea!

Sunday, 23 April 2017

Primark Spring 2017 LOVE ♡

*please note that all photos on this blog post were taken on my iPhone 6 NOT my Canon EOS 70D. :) 

You're probably thinking... crikey a new blog post from Han? Been a while... All I can do is apologise for this. Personally, this year has been running away with me. I've finished my second year of university, started a music magazine with my peers at university and now have been told I have a brand new job for the summer! (woop, yay, huzzar!) Recently my passion for blogging has been niggling back to me and I have been so excited to share this look with you. 

I was recently reading a post by Zoe London, where she talked about a blogger drama that exploded on twitter last week about instagram fakes (to sum it up larger bloggers faking it and gaining campaigns). Briefly she mentioned about how a lot of bloggers are following a style. You'll have seen it all over your feed no doubt, white wash buildings (probably chelsea or kensington), and fashion looks that look the same and are guaranteed to get likes. 
I find this particularly frustrating, I'm not saying I'm crazy original - let's be real stripey tops and dungarees are bae - but I love the seeing bloggers with their own personal style and... well... originality. Just some food for thought. 

ANYHOO... Let's talk about Primark Spring fashion. I am very easily persuaded to splash out on Primark and I'm never disappointed. Every item of clothing I am wearing in the blog post is from primark, which I may have bought at the same time among with other items... err.... oops? The only thing I'm wearing which isn't from primark are my Vans, which I got for my birthday last year (very surprised that they haven't ventured onto my blog already as I've been wearing them to death).  

Starting with the star of the show, this BEAUTIFUL yellow raincoat cost only £15. I have to give a shout out to my friend Annika for this one. She works in Primark in London and when she saw this coat, she said I would love it - I'm not surprised I did. If you're a frequent reader/social media stalker, you will know that this is not the first yellow coat I own. *see previous blog here* I find yellow is such a happy and positive colour and when I wear it, It really does cheer me up/put me in a good mood. 
Something to note about this coat (lol), Is that I'm a size 10 and I bought it in a size 14. They only had size 14,16 left in the London store I went into, but considering that I'm going to want to wear jumpers underneath it when I go to the seaside, sizing up worked for me anyway. 

^ This is what happens when you're trying to take pictures for your blog and your boyfriend is distracting/laughing at you in the window. In retrospect, I probably shouldn't leave this in the post. But I'm going to anyway. 

NEXT UP PRETTY DUNGAREE DRESS. Now I had a dungaree dress from boohoo, which I sold on eBay as it was just... embarrassing short on the booty. This dress is so well fitted and 100% true to size, they also have it in black and khaki and is an absolute steal at £12. My next mission is to find a pair of full length dungarees, as although they may exaggerate my shortness (5ft 3), they're super cute and I want to look like a 90s girl.

I was spinning in this picture... that's why I look a bit odd. 

Last but not least, this delightful stripey cross over top. Stripey tops are a necessity for me and I buy them on a regular basis. This one cost a whopping £6, It's stretchy and figure hugging, but breathable material. It was a no-brainer for me, as it's a style I will always pick up from my closet for jeans, dungarees, skirt etc. 

 That's the end chaps! Super happy to be posting again on This day was wonderful as me and my boyfriend George went to the beach with my parents, then bowling, then watched doctor who THEN had mexican food. Perfect right?! I also found out at the beach that I got a new job. Overall I am a very happy, very yellow, Han.

shout out to my gorgeous photographer & love, G ♡

 Lots of love, 

Monday, 20 March 2017

Beautiful Brows Review

About Beautiful Brows

Beautiful Brows is a UK Manufacturer, launched in 2013, which aims to produce perfectly formed eyebrows in seconds. With a mantra like this, It's safe to say I was interested in the quality of this product.  

Eyebrow Stencil

  • Sorry about my nails, my falsies are now back on haha!

So you get a few brow stencils, which are in my opinion the most interesting part of this product. For a beginner, having a stencil to help with brow application is a brilliant idea. However, what if your brow goes higher than the stencil, or just in general doesn’t quite fit? Although this wasn’t the case for me, I can see it being an issue for some girls.


Beautiful Brows definitely didn’t disappoint on the packaging. Sometimes when you buy an amazing product, the product is great but the packing is naff. Clean cut, classy and durable packaging. I love the fact that within the palette you can take out the brow powder/highlighter, Important for the on the go woman!


The highlighter in this product is pink toned. Different highlighters suit different skin tonnes, such as gold: darker skin toned, champagne cream: yellow undertones, Pink: Pale skin.

My favourite highlighters are more cream/gold toned, due to the yellow undertones of my skin - So this was never going to be a winner for me.
HOWEVER, the product itself applies well to the skin and I would recommend it to others who had an appropriate skin tone for it! But for under the brows, any girl can use this highlighter with the correct eye shadow look.

Brow Powder

Ahhhhhhh. I hope you’re ready for me to rave about this one. If you get anything from beautiful brows, buy one of these brow powders.
I used to use the sleek brow kit duo, which is a dupe of the benefit brow kit. And although I still use the wax from that kit, this brow powder could easily replace the whole kit. I’m such a creature of habit when it comes to make-up, so when new products enter my make up routine, and STAY, that is very exciting for me!

The staying power of this brow powder is incredible, If you apply it with the stencil and then move it there is no drop off (which you normally get from even the best shadow products). The colouring is very natural and when applied, the powder gives a ‘my brows but better’ feel.

Brow Brushes & Tweezers

I’ll keep this simple: Brushes, No. Tweezer brush, YES!
The brushes are fine for an added extra/fit for cause, but don’t replace my more expensive and higher quality brushes from Nanshy/Real Techniques.
The tweezers are the best I’ve ever used, and love the little brush on them!

Finished Result

In my opinion the powder alone in this picture, gives a natural warm brow. The shade I was gifted by Beautiful Brows was ‘light brown’, I usually use blonde/light brown eyebrow products. I have light brown/golden coloured hair.

Thank you to Holly from Catalyst PR.

Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Look Good Feel Better, Cancer Charity Make-Up Brushes!

Hi everyone! So I'm back with a beauty review for you, I was recently contacted by Laura from Cataylst PR and she asked me if I wanted to try the award winning 'look good feel better' Flawless Foundation Duo, which includes an angled and stippling foundation brush. 

I was intrigued to try these products as along with winning beauty awards, they also have an amazing ethical grounding to the business. 

Look Good Feel Better is a cancer support charity that works to help woman struggling with the side effects of cancer. They've held workshops since 1994 and to this day have provided support to over 130,000 patients! Every brush sale there is between 8-12% donation to the charity which I think is amazing!

I'm sure what all of you are thinking is, great cause, but are they any good? Should I buy these brushes?

I'm not a huge fan of stippling brushes in general because I tend to find the brushes are too dense for foundation and it doesn't blend as well. Although this brush, I have to say has thinner bristles than other brands, which makes the foundation easier to blend. It's not a brush I'll be grabbing for... but I will give it a few more chances.

For me this is the winner. For my foundation I normally use the Real Techniques Sponge and this won't replace it, but I definitely will use it again. I think for me I find it hard to blend foundation in properly with brushes, but this brush was seamless. This brush is amazing for creme contouring, which is what i'm predominantly going to use it for.

As a uni student who is galavanting between London and Norwich the majority of the time, a brush holder is soooooo handy!

As you can see from this picture, I struggle with making foundation blend (but this is when i first applied it)! I would recommend using these brushes with a thicker coverage foundation, as I solely wear light-mid coverage dewy foundations. (Also please note my scar under my eye... I was three when that happened, gotta get over your flaws ya'll)

Lots of love, 

Monday, 3 October 2016

The Beautiful English Soap Company

Hello lovely people, 

I'm back, with a review of a product, haven't done one of those in a while... wooo! I'm going to say this now, it does make me feel rather poop that a soap packet is prettier than me. LOL. 
The English Soap Company produce affordable, sweet smelling soaps. The reason why their packaging is so darn gorgeous, is because this is their italian vintage wrapped range! *birds singing* 

The scents from this range include: Honey & Chamomile, Vintage Rose, Blue Bell, Jasmine, English Lavender. I chose Bluebell & Jasmine (which is called 'winter flowers'). I was very curious as to how they would make a bluebell scent and jasmine is one of my all time favourite scents, hence why I love jasmine green tea so much! 

I've also spotted they have a cinnamon and orange soap and OH MY christmas is coming. 

Christmas is coming. Just saying guys. It is. This is a winter soap. Hence. CHRISTMAS. It's soon. Okay. I'm done now. 

The Product

The lovely Lucy was telling me how the soaps are made from pure vegetable oils, which they add generous amounts of 'vegetable derived glycerine and shea butter from African Karite Tree'. Now I'm not going to sit here and pretend that I know exactly what that means... however it is nice to know that a product i'm using on my skin (which needs to be looked after!), hasn't got loads of chemicals in it. Also I have fairly dry skin, so using a soap with shea butter is important as it ensures that the bar moisturises and nourishes the skin. 

Another point which I will make, is that soap bars last SO much longer than pump soaps. Meaning not only do you get a better product which doesn't dry your skin out, you also end up spending less money. Trust me I've got proper into this since ordering 144 toilet rolls in bulk, yes 144, for me and my two friends which share my bathroom. Cost efficiency as a student is so important! 

10/10 recommend going and checking out the English Soap Company, especially this new beautiful range of soaps! 

Lots of love, 

Friday, 2 September 2016

Turtle Bay Launch/Press Night NORWICH

On thursday the 25th of August, very specific, Turtle Bay Norwich had a launch/press event. I got to bring along a plus one, so I brought along one of my best pals Luisa. 

Turtle Bay Norwich is in a lovely location, It's near jarrolds and not too far from st andrews car park. When I heard Norwich was getting a turtle bay I was hoping that it would be near the shops, rather than near bars. I can just imagine me and my mum going for a girly shop then going for 2 for 1 cocktails as a cheeky afternoon treat!

When we first arrived we were greeted by the staff and given a cocktail called 'Reggae Rum Punch'. With the amount of rums in it, 63% 126 proof wray & nephew to be exact, it was a strong cocktail. However with me and Luisa being university students, we're definitely equipped to deal with copious amounts of alcohol. 

One thing I love about the Turtle Bay Branch is that their bars are stylish, creative and classic Caribbean style. Also they have Red Stripe on tap, which I know my dad will absolutely LOVE about this place. The bar tenders are friendly and happy to answer questions about the different types of rum, as well as being happy to pose for photographs! 

The Decor

Without a doubt one of my favourite things about this restaurant/cocktail bar chain is their ability to decorate the interior and exterior of the restaurant amazingly. There was even a van which they had chopped in half, graffettied, filled with old stereos and turned into a seating area! A lovely waiter me and Luisa chatted to was telling us about how the van was unique amongst the turtle bays and that they always try and make every store slightly different. 

After a presentation from the manager explaining how the company was formed, the first store was in Milton Keynes set up to try and recreate what was experienced when visiting the carribbean, we were chose to pick seats for the food and drinks to commence. 

Between us me and Luisa tried a lot of different cocktails and there wasn't one that either of us disliked, which I guess is a good thing as they just kept bringing everyone more and more! My personal favourite is the Koko Colada, which is their version of a Pina Colada. You can't have more than one of them though as they're fairly sickly! 

I don't think he was very happy about posing for this photograph, though he certainly looks it.
When they keep bringing more and more cocktails and you just don't know what to do yourself...

Beach Food Platter
The first food dish which was brought out was the Beach Food Platter. This included spicy jerk chicken wings, pepper roti, sweet corn fritters & garlic 'n' herb flatbreads. This was may favourite of all the dishes, specifically the pepper roti! Also I'm very lucky as a vegetarian that i brought along a meat eater to demolish all the meat. 

so cute. 

Curried Goat, Rice & Peas, Fried Dumplings. 

Luisa had never eaten goat before, always time to try something new! She absolutely adored it and said the goat was tender and delicious.

'Run Down' butter beans, corn cob, carrots, sweet potato, coconut milk, herbs and spices.
This dish wasn't exactly my cup of tea as a vegetarian, especially seeing as i'd been milked out by my Pina Colada, but it was cooked well. When I next come to Turtle Bay I'd be more tempted to go for something like the mango and goats cheese salad - as that's more my cup of tea.

Luisa was stuffed by this point but she still managed to force down a lil more chicken! I THINK that this is the1/4 jerk chicken, but I'm not exactly sure... why am I such a meat noob.

One lovely thing about this event was being able to catch up with the lovely Justine from I met Justine at the Make Up Revolution/Superdrug event in Picadilly earlier on in the year. She helps to run and is just in general a lovely human being! 

Lastly we were presented with an assortment of deserts which we struggled to finish! Every single one was lovely, Luisa's favourite was the dark chocolate brownie - understandably so! My favourite was the zesty lemon and lime tart with passion fruit sauce.

We have come to the end of this blogpost! A big thank you to Turtle Bay for inviting me to your Norwich Launch event. Turtle Bay Norwich is open from Tuesday the 30th August, make sure to head down there and get some yummy Caribbean food & cocktails! 

8 Swan Lane, Norwich

Also, big up to our favourite waiter for being an absolute sweetheart & a big thank you to one of my best friends Luisa for coming along to the event! 

Lots of love, 

Hannah Jane Williams